Florida Salutes

Thursday, August 30, 2007

Jacksonville's National Cemetery Update

State Representative Stan Jordan, Chairman of the Committee on Military and Veterans Affairs in the Florida House of Representatives, spoke with officials at the Department of Veterans Affairs, National Cemetery Administration today to get a progress update on Jacksonville’s national cemetery.

According to officials, the details of the cemetery are as follows:
1. Approximately 525 total acres
2. Groundbreaking in the summer of 2008
3. First internments will be approximately early or mid-November 2008

"The veterans who have served greatly deserve the honor of having the choice to be remembered in this last great final tribute," said Representative Jordan.

Of the 525 total acres, some land will be used for infrastructure, roads, administrative and maintenance functions and some of the land may be unusable for burial. The total acreage available for burials will not be available until the architectural and engineering plans are completed.